Vendor's Tutorial

Welcome to SHOPEL!
Thank you for choosing our platform for your online sales.
A simple, efficient and secure way to display your products on your virtual store!
Be sure to reach as many customers as possible!
By following the tutorial below you will be able to sell in a few clicks!
Start selling now!

I. Account registration and login

1. Platform Homepage

Connect to the platform’s website with You will see the home page appearing.

1. Make sure you are in the correct language page by clicking on the French or English tab, depending on your preference.

1. Then, on the upper right corner, click on the Log in/Register icon to create an account, or identify yourself if you already have an account on the SHOPEL platform.

In the My Account window:
1. Choose the Register an account tab if you do not already have an account on the platform.
2. Choose the option I am a vendor, more information fields open automatically.
3. You can also register using your store’s Facebook account.

2. Register an Account

Enter the information to save your account and store information.

1. Fill in the different required fields present in the registration form by entering your information such as your email address, password, first name, last name, telephone number, and concerning your shop: name of the shop, Shop URL.

2. Check the mention I have read and accept the Terms & Conditions, after having read them.

3. Choose the subscription plan that best fits your store. Click here to learn more about the different types of subscriptions.

4. Validate your registration by clicking on the Register button

3.  Email

After registering, you will receive an email to the email address you provided when registering.
You must then validate your email before you can access your personal space on the platform.

1. Click on the link in the email received: Click here.

2. Click on the link to view your account.

II. Creation and configuration of a store

1. Store

After validation of your email, you will be directed to the configuration page of your shop.
So you can start setting up your store

1. by clicking on the Let’s go button


2. by clicking on the Not now button to do it later

  • Number of products to display per page: the default option is 10 products per page
  • Address of the shop
  • Store category: choose from the list of categories: religious objects, bookstore, musical instruments, fashion, home and decoration, etc … If several options correspond to your shop, choose as many categories that apply.
  • E-mail: Check the Show e-mail address on the store box if you want to display your e-mail address to customers.
  • Click on Continue

You can always enter this information later, by clicking Skip this step. However, this information will need to be completed before you can sell …

2. Payment

SHOPEL accepts several payment methods, namely Paypal, bank transfer and Stripe. You must fill in at least one of these payment methods to be able to sell on the platform.

1. Click on the Connect with Stripe button to access your Stripe account and link it with SHOPEL if you have one. If not to save it.

2. Click the Continue button.

You can Skip this step and go straight to your store dashboard, but you need to link a payment method to start selling.

3. Ready!

Once the creation step is finished, you will be invited to

1. Go to the dashboard of your shop, by clicking on the button Go to the dashboard of your store


2. Click Return to Platform to return to the SHOPEL website.

Once your store has been created, you will have to wait for the administrator to validate your profile with an email telling that your account is activated.

As long as the administrator has not activated your account, you will see the error message appearing.
You will receive a confirmation email when the seller account is activated.

III. Product Encoding

1. Products

There are two ways to encode or add products to your store

1. Click on the Add a new product button


2. Click on the Import button, if you have the file of the list of your products in Excel format

2. Adding Products

To add a new product,

1. Upload a product image
2. Enter the name of the product, its price and its reduced price (discount with possibility of programming its validity)
3. Ability to add other product photos
4. Select the product categories (according to the categories displayed by SHOPEL: Religious objects, accessories, books, cosmetics, decoration, flowers, electronics, fashion, musical instruments, etc…
5. Select from product labels to enhance the visibility of your products to customers
6. Select the brand of the product for typically special products.
7. Add a brief description of the product
8. Click on the Create product button or on Create and add new products.
Once your products added to the store, please wait for the administrator’s approval to make them visible for the customers

3. Importing Products

To add products on your store, you can also import a list of products from a .csv file or an excel file


  1. Choose a .csv file from your computer
  2. Check the Update existing products box, to update existing products in your store
  3. Click on the Continue button

4. Exporting Products

  • You can generate and download a .csv file containing the list of your products
  • You can choose the columns, the products to include in the file
  • Check the Export custom meta box
  • Click the Generate CSV button

5. Edit a product

Go on the product menu, in the list of products, choose the product you want to edit and click on the Edit product next to the name of the desired product.

On the edit product page, insert several information you want to appear on your store.

  • Title
  • Product type (simple, variable, downloadable, …)
  • Price (regular and sale)
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Brands
  • Short description



  • Description : Provide an extended description of your products, their advantages
  • Inventory: 

Stock Keeping Unit, Stock status, check enable product stock management if you want the number of items left to appear on your store.

  • Geolocation: Check same as store to indicate the product location
  • Shipping and tax : indicate the product dimensions, shipping class, tax status and tax class
  • Linked products (Upsells, Cross-sells)
  • Attributes : Quantity, origin, Number of pieces, materials, features…
  • Discount options: 
  • RMA options
  • Wholesale options
  • Other options: products status (online, draft), visibility, purchase note, reviews
  • Advertise products
Click on the save product to save the changes

IV. Dashboard

1. General Overview

The seller dashboard allows you to view all the parameters related to your sales at a glance.

1. A menu bar contains the various configuration buttons for your products (dashboard, products, orders, coupons, reports, customer reviews, subscribers, modification of your account and logout, shop settings, shop visit).

2. A progress bar with information to complete for your seller account

3. your sales, your earnings, the number of visitors to your store, orders (total, completed, pending, in progress, canceled, refunded, pending), reviews and comments on your store, products (total, online, offline, awaiting approval by the platform), a graph of your sales (total, and number of orders), and announcements from platform administrators.

2. Products

1. Once the products have been registered, the product page of your dashboard will display all the products with the following information:
– the image of each product
– the name of the product
– status (pending validation, available in store)
– internal inventory number, product code (SKU)
– the price of the product
– the gain collected (after deduction of commission costs)
– the number of times the product has been seen by customers
– the date the product was put online
2. You can search for products by categories, by date or by keywords
3. By clicking on the product name, you can modify the product (stock management – quantity & threshold), authorize the sale of products out of stock (delivery, taxes, delivery class, product size, discount option , return, order note for customers, collection of customer reviews on the product), permanently delete it, duplicate it, see it in store or have a preview.

3. Orders

1. In the order dashboard, you can view:

  • Orders fulfilled
  • Orders being processed
  • Pending orders
  • Orders under validation
  • Canceled orders
  • Refunded orders
  • Failed orders

2. You can also filter orders by date, by customer by clicking on Filter

3. You can also export the list of commands in Excel format. Click on Export All or Filtered Export

The details of your order appear after clicking on one of the item of the list of orders.

  • cost,
  • quantity,
  • taxes,
  • shipping rates,
  • discounted granted,
  • billing address,
  • shipping address,
  • downloadable product permission

4. Coupons

1. You can add promotion coupons. Click the Add new coupon button.
2. Complete the sections. Each coupon must contain:
A title
A description
The type of discount
Discount percentage
– fixed discount on the basket
– fixed product discount
The value of the coupon
Put restrictions on recipient emails
Number of times you can use the coupon
Coupon expiration date
Possibility to exclude products already discounted from the coupon
Minimum amount of coupon validity
Products concerned
Excluded products
Possibility to display the coupon on the shop page
3. Click on Create Coupon

5. Reports

1. The platform generates financial statements automatically, in real time and downloadable
– A global overview of sales, orders, deliveries and purchased items
– Sales made by day or month
– The most sold products
– The most profitable products

2. Click on the Declaration tab to display some elements of tax declaration:
– Year of exercise
– Total net return
– Id and type
– Debit
– Credit
– Balance

6. Delivery time & Store pickup

In the Delivery Time menu, a calendar is displayed showing according to the orders made by your customers, the delivery day or that of pickup in store.
The display is done by month, week, day or as a list

7. Reviews

You can display customer reviews and ratings on your store to find out what your customers think of your services (authors, comments, link to, ratings).
You can also modify these notices (validate them, mark them as spam, delete them)

8. Withdraw

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50
The duration between two successive withdrawals is 7 days.
The 2nd request which has not yet satisfied the deadline condition will have the status (on-hold)

9. Return requests

You can view your return requests by customers. The following information is displayed:

  • Details
  • Type
  • Products
  • Status
  • Last updated

10. Staff

You can define members of your staff to maintain your store on SHOPEL:

1. Click the Add Staff button

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number

2. When completed, click the Create Staff button

After creating the staff profile, you can edit, delete or manage permissions for this profile.



You can view your subscribers from the action button on the store.

12. Subscription

To sell on SHOPEL marketplace, you have to take a subscription.

Click on one of the button, Switch Plan and buy the subscription pack you desire.

The chosen package will appear at the top of the page along with the expiry date.

12. Analytics

Your store’s statistics are displayed in the Analytics menu on your dashboard.
Thanks to the data provided, you can improve your sales. Find different tabs below:

  • General
  • First page
  • Activities
  • Location
  • System
  • Promotions
  • Keywords

13. Announcements

In the Announcements menu of your dashboard, you will find the various announcements made by the administrators of the platform. For example, below, the seller received an announcement to connect their Stripe account to be able to benefit from online payments via credit card and others.

14. Tools

You have the option to import external files or export internal files
1. Click on the Browse and then Import buttons to import an .xml file
2. Click the Import CSV button to import a .csv file

Same thing for exporting files.

15. Support

You can add support tickets, to request assistance from administrators regarding the operation of the platform and the configuration of the store.

1. Write your message and click on Submit a reply

2. You can view all your assistance requests in the table with information such as:

  • Topic
  • Title
  • Customer
  • Status
  • Dated
  • Action

16. Store Settings

a. Store

To complete the information on your seller profile, you must add information about your store:

  • Banner or cover photo (625X300pi)
  • Profile picture
  • Store name
  • Store Category
  • Number of products to display per page
  • Address
  • Display the phone number
  • Display the name, email address and number of the store
  • Display the tax number and bank details
  • See other products from the same seller (when you are on a given seller’s product page)
  • Geolocation (enter your address to be seen by customers)
  • Terms and conditions of the seller (You can let your customers know the details of your services via this space, example delivery policy, return policy, special orders, catering service, etc.)
  • Shop opening and closing hours
  • Personalized message on store opening and closing hours

1. Boutique vacation message to customers.
Instant closing
Definition of a vacation period

  • Holiday Message

2. Configuration of reductions

  • Minimum order to obtain a discount
  • Discount percentage

1. Biography of the vendor: This is a unique opportunity for you to talk about your shop, your achievement, the story, the images, videos.
Click on the Add Media button to create your own gallery of images, audio and videos), or from another website.

2. Receive messages from customers via the customizable support button. Fill in the Support button text space (for example: Do you have a question? Or Help?).

3. Display the link to your store’s Facebook page

4. Click on the Update parameters button to validate the information

b. Payment Settings

SHOPEL accepts several payment methods, including Paypal, bank transfer and Stripe to collect sales. You must fill in at least one of these payment methods to be able to sell on the platform.

1. Click on the Connect with Stripe button to access your Stripe account and link it with SHOPEL if you have one. If not to save it.

2. Click the Update settings button to confirm the payment method.

c. Verification

SHOPEL must verify your identity as a vendor by 3 ways
1. For identity verification, click the Start verification button. You will be asked for supporting documents such as:

  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Driver’s license

2. For address verification, click on the Address verification button

3. For the verification of social profiles, click on the Facebook Connection button

d. Delivery Time

You can define your shipping options:

  • Do you allow door-to-door deliveries or only in-store pickups?
  • Does the delivery start from the order date or postponed to a later date?
  • What days do you deliver? From time to time?
  • How many orders per delivery block?
  • Click Update after making the necessary changes

e. Shipping

You can define your delivery methods:
Pick up in store
Free delivery
Variable delivery cost, depending on customer location
Fixed cost

f. Social Profile

You can direct customers to learn more about your store on the social networks you subscribe to:

  • Google,
  • Twitter,
  • Pinterest,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Youtube,
  • Instagram,
  • Flickr

Click on the Update settings button once your are done connecting your social profiles

g. Return and Waranty

You can define the return policies for your products in your shop

1. Fill in the spaces on the return parameters

  • Tags
  • Type of return and warranty
  • ARM (return merchandise authorization) policy to be made known to customers

2. Click the Save Changes button

h. SEO

To attract the most customers to search engines, you can increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

1. To do this, fill in the most information

  • Store title (store name)
  • Description of the store (small text displayed by search engines on your store)
  • Keywords
  • Facebook store title for your store
  • Description of your Facebook page and add images,
  • Same for Twitter

2. Click on the Save Changes button

17. Your Store

Once the settings are complete, you can click on the Store icon in the menu bar to display the appearance of your shop seen by your future customers.

1. General information
2. Product characteristics (products, terms and conditions, reviews, biography, discount coupon
3. The list of your products

18. Edit Account

On the menu bar you will find the Edit Account icon. 

You can change your password and your email address there.
Then click the Save Changes button


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