Customer's Tutorial

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By following the tutorial below you will be able to buy in a few clicks!
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I. Account registration and login

1. Platform Homepage

Connect to the platform’s website with You will see the home page appearing.
1. Make sure you are in the correct language page by clicking on the French or English tab, whichever you prefer.
2. On the upper right corner, click on the Identify and register icon to create an account, or identify yourself if you already have an account on the SHOPEL platform.

In the My Account window:
1. Choose the Register an account tab if you do not already have an account on the platform.
2. Choose the option I am a customer,
3. You can also register using your Facebook account.

II. Search for products

1. Search

1. The results of your search are displayed with the list of stores selling the desired product. To refine your results, you can use different filters. Click on the button
2. Sort by products: Most recent, most popular, top rated, most commented
3. You can change the display of stores by icon or by list
4. Click on the item in question to see more information about the product and the vendor.

2. Stores

By putting the mouse on a product, you will find the icons:
Add to Cart
Quick view
Add to favorites
Compare products

3. Cart

If a product interests you, click on Add to cart to buy it.
1. The name of the product, its price, the quantity and the total will be displayed in the basket
2. click on the Clear Cart button to delete your orders
3. Insert the name of the reduction coupon if the store offers one.
4. Insert the address where you want the goods to be delivered to calculate the delivery costs
5. The total amount of your purchase with reductions and the related delivery costs. Click on Proceed to checkout to pay the amount due.

4. Wishlist

If a product interests you, click on Wishlist to find it more easily if necessary in the list of favorites.
1. Your product (Product name, unit price, stock status)
2. You can also share the product on social networks with your friends and relatives

5. Compare Products

You can compare the same product from different sellers to compare prices. Click on Compare Products.
1. The description, availability, brand and price of the product compared is displayed.
2. You can also click on the Add to Cart button from this page.

III. Validation

1. Billing

Once you have filled your basket with the products that interest you, you are ready to proceed to checkout.
Invoicing information must be completed: Full name, full address, telephone contact details

Add shipping details if they are different from billing details
You can also add a note to the seller on the order

2. Place Order

1. A summary of your order includes the products ordered, the total price, the quantity and order discounts and the total amount due.
2. The means of payment are displayed here: bank transfer, credit card (with Stripe account)
3. Check on the box I have read and agree to the Pain-Facile Terms and Conditions after reading the General conditions of the platform.
4. Click on Place Orders to complete your purchase.

IV. Dashboard

1. General Overview

After registering, you will receive an email at the email address you provided.
You must then validate your email before being able to access your personal space on the platform.
1. Click on the link in the email received: Click here.
2. Click on the link to view your account.

It is on your dashboard that you will see all the history of your past orders (products, sellers, etc.), your account and profile details (password, username), recent orders ( delivery, invoicing, etc.)
1. If you want to sell products that contribute to the building of the Christian faith on the SHOPEL marketplace, click on the Become a seller button.

2. Commands

1. In the Orders tab, you will find your orders for your favorite products. By clicking on the View button, you will find the details of this order.
2. You will also receive a confirmation email containing important information about your order.


In the Downloads tab, you will find your downloads of products and product features.

4. Adresses

In the Addresses tab, you will find your billing and delivery address.
Click Edit to add or edit your addresses.

5. Payment Methods

1. Click on the button Add a payment method such as your Paypal account or your credit card.
2. Once added, the payment method and its expiration date will be displayed on your dashboard. You can also remove or add another payment method.

6. RMA Requests

If you were not satisfied with your order and requested a product return, go to the “Product Return” tab.
All return requests, including:
– The order number,
– the seller of the product,
– the type of product and;
– the status of the return request
For each request is also found in this tab of your dashboard

7. Account Details

In Account details, you can change your profile information: first and last name, displayed name or username, email address, password, default currency
Click Save Changes to save the information

8. Sellers Support Tickets

In the Seller Assistance tab, you will find your exchanges and requests for assistance with the sellers of the products purchased. You can then communicate directly with the seller.
“Tickets” are requests for assistance in progress (open tickets) or past (closed).

9. Vendors

In the tab Vendors, you will find the sellers of the products you have purchased.

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